How Much Does it Cost to Be at the Top of a Google Search?

Before you begin your SEO campaign, you need to determine the value of a top Google search ranking for your business. This will allow you to set realistic budgets and expectations. In order to do so, you can use the Google AdWords Keyword Estimate tool.
SEO is the most cost-effective way to rise to the top of a Google search

There are many ways to get listed on Google, but SEO is by far the most affordable and can provide a great return on investment. There are around 200 ranking factors used by Google to determine your position on SERPs. These factors are called on-page factors and are elements of your website that are optimized for ranking purposes. These factors are located on your own pages, and they are evaluated by Google to determine which pages rank high in a Google search.

SEO also makes to navigate for search engines and users alike. It restructures the site architecture and links so that users can easily find pages they are looking for. The result is more clicks and traffic for your website. Besides this, SEO also helps your website get noticed by your target audience.
Paid ads are second

When you perform a search on Google, sponsored ads are typically displayed above the organic results. These ads feature a headline, ad extension, and a display URL that aim to entice the user to click on them. These ads can be found above organic results on desktop and mobile devices. Depending on the type of ad, they may also be displayed at the top or bottom of the page.
totally free have the highest CPCs

Search engine advertisers bid on certain keywords. The market price for a click depends on the bid amount. For example, a keyword relating to mesothelioma will cost nearly $1,000 per click. Other keywords that are popular with attorneys and law firms include truck accident, e-commerce, and employment.

As you might expect, legal services are among the most expensive categories to advertise in. Personal injury lawyers, for example, are highly expensive. And location-based keywords such as “Las Vegas personal injury attorney” cost upwards of $500 per click. Recent high-profile legal battles, abusive practices, and low graduation rates have rattled the industry, which is one reason why regulators are considering new rules governing the industry.

Although legal services are expensive, they can still generate a decent ROI. The key is to make smart decisions about the right CPC. For example, an attorney who specializes in social security disability claims will earn $3,164 for each approved disability claim in June 2017. In contrast, attorneys specializing in personal injury will often earn over $10,000 per successful trial.
Advocates and nonprofit groups have the lowest

The lowest cost of being at the top of s a Google search is $2 for nonprofit groups and advocacy groups. There is no maximum CPC for these advertisers and they are required to set a maximum bid of $2. Most industries have inexpensive CPCs on the Google display network. However, Dating & Personals has an incredibly high cost per click. The average cost of being at the top of a search on Google has increased only a little in the last few years.

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