Both corporations and private persons can become a Friend of the TNFA. By doing this, you help the smallest soccer country in the world. In return, Silver and gold Friends receive a national jersey, a true collector’s item, as a gift!

Even though the emblematic Foppe de Haan is no longer head coach, other qualified Dutchmen will continue his work in Tuvalu, to help the country’s preparations in obtaining FIFA membership. Everybody involved, including the entire coaching staff, works as a volunteer.

In spite of this great gesture, money is needed to help the football dream of Tuvaluans. We have many expenses. Equipment and good soccer materials, as well as research on various legal and technical topics, are just a few examples. We also want to facilitate internships for Tuvaluan talents in order to give them an excellent opportunity to develop themselves, as even the smallest countries in the world do have some extraordinary players.  
Support the dream of a tiny nation and become a friend of Tuvalu!


Friend options

We offer three options to become friend of the TNFA, a bronze, silver, and golden friendship!

Bronze Friendship

For € 50, -- you become bronze friend of the TNFA.
If you are located in the Netherlands, you will receive the book Foppe de Haan, bondscoach voor 4 weken.


Silver Friendship

For € 100, -- you become a silver friend of the TNFA, and you will receive a national jersey of Tuvalu!

Golden Friendship

For € 250,-- you become a Golden friend of the TNFA, and you will receive a national jersey signed by Foppe de Haan, former head coach of Tuvalu.

Are you interested in becoming a Friend of TNFA?

If the answer is yes, please send a mail to Paul Driessen. He is responsible for our Friends program on behalf of the TNFA.

Other sponsoring options

It’s needless to say that we welcome any other donations and sponsoring as well. We are always interested private persons or corporations who are willing to help us becoming a member of FIFA. We have several options to put your (brand) name on the most visible places. Please send an e-mail to Paul Driessen for more information. 


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