Youth Teams

In 2012 the TNFA has started with several national Youth teams. In Tuvalu most young people play football at school or just for fun. We hope that the new youth teams will participate in 2013 for the first time in international competitions. We believe that good national youth teams will be good for the future of football in Tuvalu and that the Men's National team will benefit from this youth teams in a few years as well.

Tuvalu U-17 will participate in the 2012 NBT Cup for B teams. In total 8 teams compete in this competition. Tuvalu U-17 won their fist match against Nanumanga B with 3 - 0.

U-12 team trainers: Laupula Huehe & Petio Semaia
U-15 team trainer: Joshua Tui Tapasei
U-17 team trainers: Molipi Tausi & Mati Fusi

Head of Youth Development: Steven de Geijter

Friendly matches

Date Home Team Oppenent Score
July 21, 2012  Tuvalu U-17 FC Tofaga Tofaga 1 - 9

2012 NBT Cup for B teams

Date Home Team Oppenent Score
July 28, 2012  Tuvalu U-17 logo Ha’apai United B  3 - 0
August 4, 2012  Tuvalu U-17  TMTI 0 - 6
August 11, 2012  Tuvalu U-17  Lofeagai Boys 0 - 5

Tuvalu U-17

Tuvalu U-17, may 2012

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