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Tuvaluan internationals for training camp to the Netherlands

Eindhoven, October 4, 2012 -  At Friday, October 5 Tuvaluan footballers Alopua Petoa (22) and Vaisua Liva (19) will arrive at Schiphol Airport for a training period of 3 months in the Netherlands. They were part of the national team of Tuvalu led by Foppe de Haan. Both players will be training and playing at vv Brabantia, from Eindhoven.

Sunday morning around 10:00 am on October 7, both players will meet their fellow players, coaches and directors from Brabantia. They will also receive their players outfit and an amateur contract. The media are cordially invited to this presentation for interviews and taking pictures. They will then attend the home match of Brabantia 2, and then in the PSV stadium they will witness the match PSV-NAC. It is for the players for the first time that they are in such a big stadium. Tuvalu is an island nation in the Pacific Ocean. with 12,000 inhabitants it is one of the smallest countries in the world.

Initially, Petoa and Liva train and play with the second team from Brabantia. If they develop well the chances are that they are added to the first team. There is an attempt for both players to train at a professional club. About this talks are underway with several professional clubs from Brabant.

The training camp is an initiative of the Foundation Dutch Support Tuvalu, which aims to develop the football in Tuvalu and to deliver the country the FIFA membership.  Paul Driessen is the initiator of the project. "The goal of this internship is to make both men better players and to gather scouting reports that we can present to New Zealand professional clubs. The hope is that Petoa or Liva finally manages to receive a contract from a semi-professional club. They then will become the first professional football player of Tuvalu and serve as inspiration for their fellow countrymen. After Foppe de Haan being coach of Tuvalu, this is another signal to FIFA that we develop the Tuvaluan football seriously. "

For VV Brabantia the Stage is a significant addition to the many activities the club has unfold for some years. "Both on technically and socially level VV Brabantia takes responsibility," said Ton Koppen, president of Brabantia. "With the arrival of these players  we can show our supporters the impact of football in a country where 60% of the people is unemployment. We can introduce our youth with a society where a leather ball or the latest funky football are not for granted ".

The program Sunday, October 7:
10.00 - 10.30: introduction to team members VV Brabantia
10.30 - 11.30 am: Signing of the amateur contract. Opportunity for interview / photos.
11.30 am: start football match VV Brabantia 2.

After this match, Alopua and Vaisua will visit the match PSV - NAC.


Tofaga wins 2012 Mackenzie Trading Independence Cup!

On september 29th the final of the 2012 Mackenzie Trading Independence Cup was played after a short delay of the bad weather. Tofaga played against Nauti and won the match with 4 - 0 . Its the third time in history that Tofaga wins the Independence Cup. Goals in this final match were scored by Malakai, Falefou (2) and Saamu.
2012 Mackenzie Trading Independence Cup
Winner: Tofaga
Runner up: Nauti
Best Player: James Lepaio (Tofaga)
Top scorer: Malakai Alesana (Tofaga), 9 goals
Goals scored: 71 (5.4 per match)
Biggest win: Tofaga - Nui (11-1)

NBT Cup for A-teams won by Tofaga.

Both the NBT cup for A-teams and for B-teams were won by Tofaga. The Tuvalu Sports Ground was ruled by Tofaga today. In the exiting final Tofaga defeated Manu Leava with two goals against 1.

FC Tofaga was favorite during the final, in the group they won two matches and lost one. Manu Leava won one match during the group stage of the NBT Cup. Both teams won their semi-final with 3-2 but Tofaga was the defending champion as well. 

For Tofaga the goals were scored by Malakai and Alopua during the final. Tieli scored for Manu Leava.

Winner NBT Cup 2012: Tofaga 
Runner-up NBT Cup 2012: Manu Leava
Top scorer NBT Cup 2012: Okilani Tinilau (Manu Leava)
Player of the tournament NBT Cup 2012: Folikia (Manu Leava)

Okilani Tinilau, Topscorer NBT-Cup 2012

NBT Cup for B-teams won by Tofaga B!

Today the final of the NBT cup for A and B teams was played in Funafuti. Tofaga B played against Nauti B and won the match by 1-0. The only goal of the final was made by Saamu, his first goal in this year NBT Cup.

Last year the cup was won by Lakena United B, this year they didn't reach the semi-finals. 

Winner NBT Cup B-teams 2012: Tofaga B
Runner-up NBT Cup B-teams 2012: Nauti B
Top scorer NBT Cup B-teams 2012: Etimoni Timuani (Tofaga B)
Player of the tournament NBT Cup B-teams 2012: Julie Niu (Nauti B)


Tuvalu has been added to Online Football Manager! 

From now on it is possible to play and trade with players from Tuvalu. You always wanted somebody from Nui or Tamanuku in your online football team? Go check it out on the Online Football Manager!


Tuvalu U-17 plays first friendly match in history!

Tuvalu U-17 played it first friendly match ever! The opponent was Tofaga, a local team. This game is a major step in the history of Tuvaluan football, as this year’s focus is on women’s and youth soccer. The Tofaga match was a proof that this project is about to be successful!

Many parents, friends and family attended the Tuvalu Sports Ground. Although Tofaga won the match with 9-1, the general conclusions of the match were not that bad at all.

The U-17 squad played according to the drills and game plan set out by their coach. They were able to defend, pass the ball and play the one touch pass which put off the Tofaga team at times. Unfortunately the U-17 lacks an effective striker, but as they are young and well spirited, they will improve.

The team’s only goal was the result of a great play. After several one touch passes the easily tore the Tofaga defense apart. Let’s hope this goal will be the first of a long list of great goals still to come! 

Official Tuvalu jersey now available!

For the first time in history, the Tuvaluan national soccer jersey is for sale. It is a limited, one time only edition, and thus a real collector’s item. The entire revenues will be donated to the Tuvalu Soccer Project 

Voetbalshirt van Tuvalu
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Coach Foppe de Haan gets Dutch successor in Pacific

11/07/2012 12:54

Another Dutchman will succeed former head coach Foppe de Haan as coach of the Tuvalu group of islands in the Pacific. Tuvalu was big news in the autumn of 2011, when the Frisian coach decided to train the national team for a limited period. After the departure of De Haan, the country couldn’t find a successor, due to lack of money.

Dutchman Koen van Santvoord, who was already involved in the project, has developed plans to find a new head coach through of talent show. This TV show roughly follows the Idols format.

The intention is that the program will be shown this fall, either on TV network Netherlands 3, or on Monday night at RTL7 after the talk show Voetbal International.

"We want to make six to eight episodes," says Van Santvoord, "The best four remaining candidates will travel to Tuvalu for the final. Foppe de Haan will be jury chairman; he will have great fun in doing this."

 "The jury will determine whether the participants have good understanding of the game, are tactically skilful and if they are able to adapt to the small nation of Tuvalu. No, I do not expect that Co Adriaanse will sign, but we also had a job issued by the Professional Dutch Coaches Football organization and there was enough interest. "

(source / Anton Lippold)

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