Board of the TNFA

Members of the TNFA Board

From left to right:
Akiao Vave III (secretary),
Paulson Panapa (President),
Paul Driessen (marketing & communication),
Soama Tafia (vice-president),
Soseala Tinilau (competitions)

Paulson Panapa

Since 2010 Paulson Panapa has been President. Under its control the association is actively busy with obtaining the membership of the FIFA, something that in 2008, has not succeeded. The predecessor of Panapa, Tapugao Falefou, did not succeed in obtaining the membership, in spite of a visit to the head office of FIFA in Zürich.

Panapa and the TNFA cooperate actively with the foundation Dutch Support Tuvalu, this has among others conducted that Panapa have decided allow a Dutchman to the association governing board. A unique situation worldwide, Panapa initiated.

By the end of May 2011 it was Paulson Panapa who could confessed officially that Foppe de Haan became the new national coach of Tuvalu. The first foreign national coach for Tuvalu. In a letter addressed to Foppe de Haan Panapa told that it is an honour that a coach with a worldwide reputation will be the coach of a small country as Tuvalu.

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